Keith Urban Gave Eric Church A 1933 Martin Guitar For Christmas: “I Was Floored, Totally Floored”

Keith Urban is good people.

In a new interview on Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen, Eric Church revealed that Keith gave him one helluva a Christmas gift this past year.

As a “thank you” for writing “We Were,” Keith gifted Eric with Martin acoustic guitar… that was made in 1933. We’re talking a guitar that was made before World War II.

“You know what’s interesting? Keith Urban sent me a 1933 Martin for Christmas… this Christmas. I came back and it was underneath the tree and I was blown away. He was thanking for the ‘We Were’ song that we had. Unbelievable… a pre-war Martin, I mean, what a sweet guy.

I have not got the full story, he said we gotta talk about it sometime… I came back from Christmas, underneath the tree and he had a letter with it. I was just… I was floored, was totally floored.”

And while there’s no way of knowing exactly what a guitar like that would run you, give it a quick Google search for vintage Martins from that era and we’re talking anything from $25 to $75,000 bucks.

So the takeaway for all you songwriters out there… write a hit for Keith Urban, get a jaw-dropping vintage guitar.

“We Were” was released as the lead single from Keith’s most recent album The Speed Of Now Part 1, which also included a bonus version of the song featuring Eric himself.

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