Ashley McBryde Has An Unreleased Song Inspired By Dolly Parton’s “These Old Bones” & We Need To Hear It

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Okay, Ashley… we need to hear this.

According to Ashley McBryde, there is an unreleased song out there somewhere called “Gypsy Queen,” and it sounds fascinatingly good.

In an interview for a BMI, Ashley admits “I actually did, a few years ago, write a song that had a lot to do with Dolly’s influence.”

And this is where it gets good.

Inspired by Dolly Parton’s “These Old Bones,” Ashley says it was actually about a “lady who lived up in the woods that everybody was afraid of… imagine that!”

If you loved the seething song “Martha Divine” from her 2020 album Never Will, I have a feeling this one would be just as good. “Martha Divine,” written by McBryde and Jeremy Spillman, is about a scorned daughter who learns her mother is potentially being cheated on and takes matters into her own hands. It’s not your average revenge song, since it tells the story from the daughters’ perspective, and not the jilted mother.

I’ve searched the internet high and low for even a clip of this mysterious track, though it seems like it was never recorded or put out anywhere. I’m begging her to give us at least a sample because it sounds too good to be true.

“Martha Divine”

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