Eric Church On Upcoming Triple Album: “I Beat This Thing To Death Going ‘This Can’t Be That Good’… But It Was”

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Eric Church is calling his shot.

With the announcement of his upcoming TRIPLE ALBUM, Heart & Soul, Eric has confidently said that it’s their best work yet. That’s right people… better than Sinners Like Me, better than Chief, better than all of it.

And he doesn’t say that lightly, Eric ran it through the ringer:

“The interesting thing about this process is that Jay kept asking me the last three or four days, ‘Are we done?’ and at that time I didn’t know what the project was. I kept saying ‘God, this is going to be really hard. There’s a lot here. Is this a double album? And if it’s a double album, how do we leave out these five or six songs?’

I am the hardest critic on making sure every song deserves to be on the record, and I beat this thing to death going ‘this can’t be that good.’ But, it was just a special, special time and a special, special project that I think will be among our best.”

Take it to the bank.

Heart will be available everywhere on Friday, April 16th and Soul will hit shelves on Friday, April 23rd. & will only be available in vinyl, and exclusively to Church Choir members, on Tuesday, April 20th. Pre-orders for all three albums begin next Friday, January 29th.

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