Jon Pardi, Cody Johnson & More Lay Down Some Of The Best George Strait Covers You’ll Ever Hear

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“If you’re playing country music, you like George Strait.”

Jon Pardi really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Everyone in the country music world looks up to George Strait as the undisputed King of country music. He’s a hero, a legend and an inspiration to everyone who has ever picked up a guitar and tried to sing a country song. Especially for these artists.

Now, just about everybody in country music has covered ol’ George at one time or another so I tried to keep it to high quality performances, primarily acoustic, no repeats, and nothing from a live show. So don’t send me some potato-quality concert footage that you recorded from the nosebleeds and say “what about (insert favorite artist).”

Long live the King.

Jon Pardi – “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her”

Cody Johnson – “You Look So Good In Love”

Aaron Watson – “Amarillo By Morning”

Randy Rogers Band – “Wrapped”

Josh Abbott Band – “Give It Away”

Jon Wolfe – “The Chair”

Midland – “Troubadour”

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