Darius Rucker Picked Up The Tab For Entire IHOP, Left A Big Fat Tip

Darius Rucker standing next to a sign

What a guy that Darius Rucker is.

I’m more of a Waffle House guy myself, more of a Cracker Barrel guy, more of a Bob Evans guy… IHOP is pretty much last on my list when it comes to reasonably priced breakfast chains, but hey, you gotta work with what you got, right? Although, when I was in college here in Chicago, they had one that was open 24 hours… it was clutch.

Anyways, ol’ Darius paid a visit to his friendly neighborhood International House of Pancakes this past weekend in South Carolina, and according to manager General Manager Stephen Vitale (no relation to Dick), Darius picked up the tab for the whole place.

“It was a full restaurant… There were a lot of people. I added it up and he paid.”

And on top of paying the bill, he left a big ol’ tip for the staff.

“It caused a lot of excitement. We know him because he does come in quite often and we consider him a regular… It was a good morning at IHOP.”

Class act.

And because I saw this today and it still cracks me up, here’s Key & Peele’s hilarious “What Every Darius Rucker Concert Must Be Like” sketch.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock