Are 43 Pickles On A Chick-fil-A Sandwich Too Many Or Just Enough?

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When Lauren Sheppard Abercrombie asked for an “insane amount of pickles” on her Chick-fil-A sandwich, a hero working the line came through for her.

In a viral post from the end of summer that’s making the rounds again, Lauren was gifted with her Chick-fil-A sandwich request and a little extra giddy up to the tune of FORTY THREE pickles (yes, apparently she counted them).

Her Facebook post racked up well over 30,000 shares.

The order…

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Facebook/Lauren Sheppard Abercrombie

An anonymous hero (Chick-fil-A employee) delivers…

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43 pickles.

Sometimes some dude just stacks 3 flimsy pickles on top of each other in the corner of the sandwich and you have to do the separating, distributing, and spacing. But this? This is looking out for your fellow human.

Just add a Pedialyte and some “Brand New Man” by Brooks & Dunn and your life just did a 180 kicking that hangover’s ass.

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