Tony Romo Predicted A Bucs-Chiefs Super Bowl Way Back In Week 12

Tony Romo wearing a suit and tie

It’s no secret that Tony Romo has a penchant for prediction. It’s well documented.

Over the past couple of years at CBS, Romo has made a habit of correctly predicting the play as soon as the two teams lineup. Difficult? Yes, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as predicting the two Super Bowl teams in Week 12… especially after a 7-5 Buccaneers team just dropped two straight.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Right after a Week 12 matchup that saw the Chiefs defeat the Bucs, 27-24, Romo said there was a “better than good chance” that these two teams were gonna meet again in the Super Bowl, even though he knew the Bucs would have to win on the road.

“You want me to make a slight guess here? I think there’s a better-than-good chance… I don’t know what even that percentage is… that these two teams are gonna be here in Tampa.”

Nailed it.

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