What’s Stone Cold Steve Austin Doing On Sunday? Drinking Ice Cold Beer & Listening To Cody Jinks

A man drinking from a bottle

Stone Cold = BIG Cody Jinks guy.

Want to know what Stone Cold Steve Austin is up to on this lovely Sunday evening?

“In the shop listening to Cody Jinks, drinking some beer… best IPA in America.”


Ultimately, Stone Cold was pumping up tomorrow night’s episode of Straight Up Steve Austin featuring Tiffany Haddish, but you gotta love a dude that can get down to some Cody Jinks and drink some cold beers out in the shop on a Sunday afternoon.

That’s good clean livin’ right there.

Luke Combs appeared on a recent episode of Straight Up Steve Austin, and naturally, the duo slammed some beers, did a little muddin’ in the side by side, played some darts, talked about songwriting, Luke’s come up in the country music industry, meeting his heroes like Willie Nelson, getting inducted into the Opry and more.

And finally, Luke joined Stone Cold for a “Shoey” out of his brand new Texas rattlesnake boots.

Here’s the full episode.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock