Randy Travis Is A Straight-Up Stud In 1990 “Can’t Beat The Real Thing” Coke Commercial

Randy Travis does not get enough love for the kind of stud he was back in the day.

Sure, he gets a ton of credit for changing the landscape of country music when he helped steer the boat away from pop country in the late ’80s, but when you typically think of Randy Travis, you think phenomenal country music vocalist, you don’t necessarily think sex symbol.

But back in 1990, Coca Cola debuted a new commercial featuring the great Randy Travis, and the angle? Randy Travis, the Coke-drinkin’ country music dreamboat.

Featuring an original song written by Randy himself, the ad features two young women at a gas station dreaming about Randy while watching him on TV, when lo and behold, who comes walking in to pick up a cold Coca Cola Classic.

Randy friggin’ Travis.

After the fact, Randy talked about the amount of work that went into making the ad, and how he struggled to nail the song in the beginning. He eventually called on the great country music songwriter, Don Schlitz, to help him finish the tune.

“I didn’t realize the time and effort that went into doin’ a 60-second commercial. It took three days to film a 60-second commercial. And I don’t know how many times we shot each scene.”

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A beer bottle on a dock