Kelly Clarkson Went OFF On Country Radio Ahead Of Talk Show Premiere: “Country Is GONE… Why Are You Rapping?”

Kelly Clarkson country music

Kelly Clarkson knows her country music.

And she’s PISSED that it’s gone.

When her daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, premiered back in 2019, she took the time to hop on YouTube for a quick Q&A session with the fans.

When the term “Farm Emo” came up, (apparently it’s slang for country music) Kelly launched into a full blown assault on the state of country radio right now.

“You know why? Because country doesn’t sound country anymore. Country music is GONE. I don’t know who’s making it but there might be like four people…”

Now it’s weird rap, weird word rap… when I started doing country they were like, ‘you’re pop you’re not country enough.’ And I’m sorry but let me show you this list of the top 20, which by the way did not include one female. But country music doesn’t even sound country anymore.

And I’m not even in country music industry, I’m not trying to get played on country radio. I just love country music… so let’s figure out what is country music, what’s the sound we like again? Because is not what you’re playing on the radio. I’m mad about it.

I like to go to shows and I don’t wanna feel like I’m at some weird rock show where they start rapping… why are you rapping in country music, I don’t understand it.”

She also addressed the lack of women on country radio.

“Y’all don’t play people with boobs either… what happened? The ’90s was filled… I’m not even in country music and I was so inspired by Reba, Trisha, Patty, Martina, Terri, The Judds, Dolly, Shania… what is happening in country music.”

No truer words have been spoken.

Kelly is admittedly a pop singer, but something tells me she might know more about country music than half the bozos on country radio right now.

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