Willie Nelson Admitted To Smoking Weed Before He Went On ‘Larry King Live’ Back In 2010

Today we learned of the unfortunate news of Larry King passing away.

In the entertainment business, there are few better interviewers than King who hosted Larry King Live on CNN from 1985 through 2010.

Back in 2010, country music legend, Willie Nelson went on the show to discuss the legalization of marijuana, among other things, and it led to a rather humorous exchange in the middle of the interview.

King asks Nelson if he smoked today, confused Willie thinks that King is asking about cigarette smoking but once it’s clarified that he meant marijuana Willie answers “yeah, sure” very casually, almost as if Larry King asked him if he ate breakfast before going on the show.

“You have pot in you right now?” Larry exclaims and once again, Willie so casually reaches out his hands and says “you can arrest me.”

A laugh out loud moment between one of the best broadcasters to ever do it and one of the best country singers to ever do it. When in doubt, always just assume Willie Nelson got high before doing your show.

CNN later edited the clip, which actually tricked CNN correspondent Joe Johns into thinking Willie was stoned out of his mind for the interview with King. Anderson Cooper had a laugh about in a later episode of Anderson Cooper 360.

Rest in peace, Larry King.

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