There’s A New Spicy Pickle Whiskey That Tastes Exactly Like A Pickleback

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The pickleback is one of the greatest shots one can get blind to, and criminally underrated.

It’s also good for preventing a hangover, getting rid of one, and can basically take the place of Gatorade…science.

If you’re a fan, there’s some good news – a new Spicy Pickle Whiskey called Whicked Pickle is now available and word of mouth is spreading fast.

They describe the whiskey having “a flavor as bold as it is unexpected.” The take on a classic pickleback shot is “mixed to perfection, all in one bottle. Whicked Pickle brings a heat you didn’t know you were missing. This pickley peppery shot is whicked good.”

I’m intrigued.

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Whicked Pickle

In a press release, Missouri-based Holladay Distillery added some details about where to find the product.

“The initial product launch in October was limited to Missouri, Kansas, and Wisconsin. The response was immediate, with interest from distributors, retailers, on-premise accounts, and consumers throughout the country. The product is shipping to additional states now, with full national distribution expected in early 2021.”

Their site’s “Where To Buy” section shows the product now in many more states throughout the country.

Oh yeah, I know you’re wondering…35% alcohol by volume and about $20 per bottle. 

Cheer’s y’all.

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A beer bottle on a dock