Bills Fan Celebrates Beating Cancer By Ringing The Bell & Jumping Through A Table

A person wearing a helmet and holding a flag in front of a brick building

Gotta love it.

A few weeks back, we saw a Packers fan kick cancer’s ass and celebrate by ringing the bell and shotgunning a cold Busch Light right there in the hospital. VERY Wisconsin of him…

And now, we have a member of the Bills Mafia with his opportunity to ring the bell after 5 months of chemo. Not to be outdone, he celebrated in typical Bills Mafia fashion… jumping through a table. Granted, shotgunning a beer seems like a much safer approach for somebody whose body has already been through hell, but they do things a little bit different in Bills country.

“GLORIOUS DAY TODAY! Many may not have known, but I have been battling Cancer over the past 5 months. Through all the prayers and support, I have prevailed. I got to ring the bell today, Bills Mafia Style. I am officially cancer free. Thanks to all for the prayers and support. Couldn’t have done it without you. GO BILLS, BEAT THEM CHIEFS!!”

Watching somebody beat cancer is never not going to be awesome to see, and not only is this dude on his way to recovery, his Bills have a legitimate shot at winning a Super Bowl for the first time in…. EVER. Guy is on cloud nine right now.

Oh, and how about the Zubaz? Fuckin’ beautiful…

Meanwhile in Wisco…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock