Kaitlin Butts: A Name You Need To Know

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There are too many incredible country music artists out there who don’t get the recognition they deserve, and Kaitlin Butts is a prime example.

A talented songwriter with captivating vocalist, the Oklahoma native released her debut album, Same Hell, Different Devil back in 2015, as well as the stand alone single, White River in 2019. And although Butts hasn’t released new music since “White River,” she has still continued to grow her fanbase, carving out a spot as one of the premiere female artists in the Texas/Red Dirt scene.

This past October, Butts married longtime boyfriend Cleto Cordero, who also happens to be the frontman of the Lubbock, TX outfit Flatland Cavalry. The two have provided a ton of entertainment for fans throughout the COVID quarantine, with frequent social media livestreams of them playing music and hanging out together.

She was also recently featured on Cody Canada’s “Shut Up & Sing,” along with Todd Snider.

So if you’re not familiar, here is a little something to change that.

“White River”

“Wild Rose”

“Bored If I Don’t”

“It Won’t Always Be This Way”

“Marfa Lights”

One of Butts’ many unreleased heaters that can be found on YouTube.

Butts is also featured singing with Cordero on Flatland Cavalry’s popular duet, “A Life Where We Work Out.”

On top of the unreleased songs she has on YouTube, Butts also has some absolutely fantastic covers including Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger,” Dolly Parton’s Jolene,” and more.

Here she is covering “Lonely Girl,” a classic Cross Canadian Ragweed tune.

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