11 Year Old Hunter Downs Two Deer With One Shot… It Was Only Her Second Time Hunting

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Atta girl.

If you’ve had a rough deer season… you’re not gonna want to read this…

According to WCCO, an 11-year-old Minnesota girl shot two deer with one shot while hunting with her father in Lyon County. It was only her second time hunting.

“She spotted a buck in the trees coming down the path,” said Skyla’s dad, Andy Crowley.

Armed with a .20 gauge shotgun, which she had never fired before, young Skyla took aim at the buck who came to a stop about 30 yards from their blind.

“I waited and finally the buck stood straight and I took a shot at him. The buck fell over and the doe behind it fell over too,” Skyla said.

How about it? Only her second time hunting and she bags two deer with a single shot. I mean, how many hunters drag their ass out to the tree stand every morning, freeze their ass off and don’t see shit? A LOT of them, that’s how many. Dad should probably think about taking her to the casino, maybe have her pick a few numbers for the lottery… strike while the iron is hot.

“I stared at them for two minutes and I can’t believe that happened. I’d never heard of it. It’s possible it’s happened before. We’ll have a story for a lifetime,” said Andy.

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