Tiger King Star Joe Exotic Has Limo Waiting For Him, “Absolutely Confident” In Pardon From President Trump

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The hour is near….

Today, during his final day in office, President Trump is expected to be pardoning various people, and Joe Exotic could be one of them.

According to KOCO, the Tiger King’s legal team is “very confident” that that’ll be getting a pardon on Joe’s 22-year sentence today, so much so that they booked a limo to pick Joe up from prison.

“We’ve delivered everything that I wanted to do on this project. I am absolutely confident that we are going to receive the pardon tomorrow. We worked very hard on it.”

But in typical Tiger King fashion, Joe will not be available for press until he gets into hair, makeup and wardrobe.

“We’ve got hair, makeup, wardrobes. Trust me, anything you can think of we have it, including a doctor and also a mental health expert. Joe’s biggest thing is he can’t wait to get out, as you can imagine, and he doesn’t want anyone to see him until his hair is done. So, the most important person tomorrow is the hair and makeup and wardrobe.”

Joe’s team flew to Washington DC for a meeting at the White House last week. They’re expecting the news to come sometime between 10am and 2pm today.

Stay tuned…

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