Tyler Childers’ Unreleased “Oneida” Is A Tenderhearted Ode To “Lovin’ Older Ladies”

“This one is about… lovin’ older ladies…”

How do you not love Tyler Childers?

A few years back, during a return visit to Red Barn Radio, Tyler brought out a song that had been “collecting dust” in his catalog, as he put it. Called “Onedia,” it’s a top-notch story of a younger man entranced by an older woman.

And in pure Tyler Childers fashion, the writing is superb. Just take a look at the first two verses:

“Back before birthdays were something she dreads
Back before children had settled her friends
Back when the radio spoke to her heart
Oh, girls they wanna have fun

I lay here awake and I laugh at her jokes
She is referencing movies I’m too young to know
And I’m letting her lead as we dance in the dark
Oh girl, I’m falling in love”

Tyler Childers is unquestionably the type of artist who has an innumerable amount of awesome, uncut songs in his back pocket, may of which, will never see the light of day. Especially with the time off touring and the months of quarantine, who knows how many songs he wrote that will get lost in the wash when everything starts coming back?

For my money though, “Oneida” is one of his best.

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