Pitbull Is Officially The Owner Of A NASCAR Team

Pitbull wearing sunglasses

Not gonna lie, I didn’t have Mr. Worldwide owning a NASCAR team on my 2021 bingo card.

Trackhouse Racing officially added Pitbull to their team this year, joining founder Justin Marks as a co-owner of the team.

“As soon as I met Justin, Ty Norris and Daniel, we were on the same page,” Pitbull said in a team release. “They welcomed me aboard, and now we’re going to show the world NASCAR is not only a sport but it’s a culture.”

Daniel Suarez, driving their No. 99 Chevrolet, will be the lone Trackhouse driver in the Cup Series this year.

In addition to racing the new partnership also looks to foster a philanthropic culture amongst the team.

“From day one of creating Trackhouse Racing, I wanted our team to be a platform for purpose, to transcend the sport and positively impact all races on and off the track,” Marks said. “I am proud that in just a few months we are here announcing a partnership with one of the most influential and recognized artists in the world.

Within the first 10 minutes of our first meeting, it was clear Armando and I share a vision and passion for impacting the lives of the underrepresented. We are creating and compelling a movement of positivity and possibility, using the platform and excitement of sports and music. Through NASCAR and our partnership with Pitbull, we are going to have the attention of a global demographic that is ready to be inspired into action for themselves, their families and their future.”

First it was Michael Jordan, now Pitbull… NASCAR is in for an exciting year. If nothing else, it’s pretty cool to see the sport expanding its reach to more notable figures.

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