Nashville Condo Installing Noise Meters To Document Loud Bars Near Music Row

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I mean, what did these people expect?

A condo complex in midtown Nashville, the heart of Music Row in Music City, is apparently fed up with… music?

The Adelicia, a “luxury” condo complex located on Chet Atkins Place (a street literally named for one of the most famous country musicians of all time), has apparently had enough of the live music from the nearby bars on Division Street and has plans to install industrial noise meters on their building to monitor and document noise levels for police. The complex’s plan also will allow residents to check out noise monitors from the front desk, as well as have security guards checking for excessive noise as they do their nightly rounds.

More like The Karen, am I right?

According to Bruce Gallo, HOA president at the Adelicia, there’s really only one bar that’s the primary offender, citing the nearby Rebar as the source of the excessive noise.

“The sound is so bad that it actually rattles the windows of the units on the north side and residents here would tolerate a lot of reasonable conduct and behavior, but we’re talking about some of these egregious noise violations occurring after 11:00 and up to 3:00 in the morning.”

There’s only one problem with that: Rebar, along with every other bar in Nashville, closes at 10 PM due to the mayor’s COVID restrictions.

“And that’s why I was confused because they said they had been being disturbed, that we were open ‘til 3 AM, but we haven’t been open past 10. And then we were closed for months,” Rebar owner Rhonda Russell told WSMV in Nashville.

This is an issue that pops up from time to time in this area of town, as condo developers build their complexes closer and closer to the stretch of bars and restaurants that’s frequented by both tourists and locals alike. And apparently it’s an issue that Rebar has dealt with before too, with Russell explaining that the same complaints arose from the Adelicia about three years ago. At the time, Russell says that she hired a sound guy and ensured that their sound system could not exceed the city-mandated noise limit of 85 decibels.

Now, I get it. Would it be annoying to have to hear thumping and loud music from the nearby bars until 3 AM as you’re trying to sleep? Sure it would. But at the same time, you moved into a condo complex that’s within spitting distance of the second most famous strip of bars in the city. On that single block alone you have Winner’s and Loser’s, Rebar, Kung Fu Saloon and several other restaurants within just a few steps of each other.

And right now bars are struggling to stay in business as it is amidst restrictions on capacity limits and operating hours. So maybe try to work out a solution other than turning all of your residents into Karens with noise monitors who can tattletale every time they hear noise from a bar (in Music City, no less) just trying to stay in business and give their customers some small place to get away from all the other bullshit going on in the world right now.

The way I see it, we need more live music right now, not less. But apparently the good folks at the Adelicia don’t feel the same way.

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