Tyler Childers’ “Banded Clovis” Is The Classic Country Music Murder Ballad At Its Finest

Now that’s a damn murder ballad.

To set the scene, “Banded Clovis” is about two guys that go diggin’ for arrowheads, deep in the heart of Appalachia.

Of course, with any kind of buried treasure scenario, it’s commonly understood that you’re gonna have to share whatever you find with the other guy(s) helping you dig.

But when you’re addicted to pills, it’s much easier just to shoot the other guy and keep all the money for yourself… or so it would seem.

A tune from Tyler Childers’ now Gold-Certified, 2017 album Purgatory, “Banded Clovis” is a dark, but incredible story, a damn near perfect example of the country music murder ballad.

And while it might not actually be a true story, it’s a tale of hardship and desperation, one all too familiar for many folks in Appalachia. And while the main character might not have actually killed anybody, it’s still a man that Tyler has met time and time again.

“The character in ‘Banded Clovis,’ I’ve met that dude. He might not have killed anyone, which is why he’s still kicking around and among us, but I’ve met that dude over and over again.”

And in true storytelling fashion, the song has no chorus… just a beginning, a middle and an end.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, country music needs more murder ballads. 

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