Luke Combs On His Show-Day Drinking Routine: “I’m A Before, During, And After Guy For Sure”

Gotta love it.

Luke Combs joined the great Stone Cold Steve Austin on the latest episode of Straight Up Steve Austin, and right off the bat, Stone Cold asked him what his cold beer regimen looks like on show-days.

“I’m a before, during, and after guy for sure. I shotgun a beer every night during the show, one beer.

I can’t do beer, it makes me burp too much. So I do a stage drink that’s a heavy Jack pour, and then Diet. No ice because it cools your vocal cords down, you have a higher chance of damaging your vocal cords drinking ice cold anything.”

Tools of the trade.

Luke and Stone Cold slammed some beers, did a little muddin’ in the side by side, played some darts, talked about songwriting, Luke’s come up in the country music industry, meeting his heroes like Willie Nelson, getting inducted into the Opry and more. And finally, Luke joined Stone Cold for a “Shoey” out of his brand new Texas rattlesnake boots.

Is it possible to have more fun? I don’t think so…

Turn it up.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock