VIDEO: That Is NOT A Catfish On The Line

A man in a boat

“Let’s go fishing” dad said.

“It’ll be fun” dad said.

Aaaaaaand the kid leaves screaming and crying. When you’re after catfish in Louisiana, you never know what you’re going to pull out of the water.

Lance Burgos said the following regarding the wild encounter you’ll see below:

“See what I found on a noodle near our campsite. It wasn’t what I expected. Kayaking and camping at Lake Fausse Point State Park, St. Martinville, LA, will never be the same. Shot with GoPro Hero 3 on the afternoon of April 9, 2016, near Pack or Paddle Site 5.”

Pull that line nice and slow and…



Dad put on the manual boosters there and got the hell out before the kid could have a full blown panic attack.

Quick pedaling, and time for a change of underwear.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock