Construction Worker Gets Last Laugh At Teacher That Said He Wouldn’t Amount To More Than Construction

Times are a changin’.

When I was a kid, you were supposed to go to college, get a good job that paid you well, and the added bonus was that you didn’t have to do manual labor. You could push a pencil and make six figures, barely out of college.

But by the time I got to college, tuition would put you six figures in debt, and if you could even find a job, your starting pay would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $40k-$60, depending on what you were doing. That was 10 years ago, and I can only imagine it has gotten even worse. So much so, that trade school seems like a much better alternative these days.

But the problem is, some teachers still see it as a last resort rather than a viable career option. That’s exactly what this fella’s high school teacher told him.

“Be ready to work hard because with that attitude you’re not going to amount to anything other than a construction worker.”

Jokes on you teach…

Crane Operator Keeps Messing With Frustrated Sunbather

Think you’re the only one bored outta your mind? Think again…

While everybody across the globe is looking for new ways to entertain themselves, even crane operators, who are still working during the pandemic, need to find ways to have a laugh every once in awhile.

And fucking with sunbathers is a great way to do that.


And just wait for the end… looks an awful lot like a middle finger from our frustrated sunbather.

The worst part is that it ended so soon… I could’ve watched this go on for hours.

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock