Bruce Willis Reportedly Kicked Out Of Pharmacy For Not Wearing A Mask, And Twitter Brought The ‘Die Hard’ Jokes


Insert obligatory joke about living free or dying hard…

According to Page Six, Bruce Willis was spotted in a Los-Angeles-area pharmacy yesterday and eventually asked to leave after he refused to wear a mask. He was photographed in the Rite-Aid store with a bandana around his neck, however, when asked to put it on, reportedly refused and left the store without making a purchase.

Los Angeles has been a hotbed for the COVID infections, especially in recent months.

Granted, all we have is a photo and a “source,” so let’s not pile on Bruce until we have the full story, but I mean… you got the bandana right there Bruce?

Either way, Twitter had the jokes.

The obvious Sixth Sense line…

And a couple good Pulp Fiction references for good measure…