Bruce Willis Reportedly Kicked Out Of Pharmacy For Not Wearing A Mask, And Twitter Brought The ‘Die Hard’ Jokes

Bruce Willis smiling for the picture

Insert obligatory joke about living free or dying hard…

According to Page Six, Bruce Willis was spotted in a Los-Angeles-area pharmacy yesterday and eventually asked to leave after he refused to wear a mask. He was photographed in the Rite-Aid store with a bandana around his neck, however, when asked to put it on, reportedly refused and left the store without making a purchase.

Los Angeles has been a hotbed for the COVID infections, especially in recent months.

Granted, all we have is a photo and a “source,” so let’s not pile on Bruce until we have the full story, but I mean… you got the bandana right there Bruce?

Either way, Twitter had the jokes.

The obvious Sixth Sense line…

And a couple good Pulp Fiction references for good measure…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock