Zach Bryan Launches “Don’t Be Naïve” Podcast

Just what the doctor ordered.

Zach Bryan, the the young songwriter extraordinaire himself, is officially starting a podcast. Titled “Don’t Be Naïve,” it’s an ode to his song “Flying or Crying.”

Zach has always been, by choice, quite an enigmatic artist so this opening of the doors to share his life and thoughts outside of the music is a huge step in creating even more die-hard fans and spreading his reach to new audiences.

“Don’t Be Naïve,” is a weekly podcast, with new episodes are to drop every Sunday.

Episode One: Don’t Get A Haircut In Bend, Oregon

Also, make sure to check out the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast featuring exclusive conversations (and a couple beers) with some of the best artists in country music.

Recent guests include Granger Smith, Riley Green, Josh Abbott, Brent Cobb, Tennessee Jet, Randall King, Carly Pearce and more.

The podcast is available everywhere. Download the podcast on iTunes by searching “Whiskey Riff Raff” or click here.

We’re also available on Spotify and wherever else you can listen to podcasts.



A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock