Ryan Bingham Covers Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” For ‘Cantina Sessions’

Love me some “Atlantic City.”

Originally written and recorded by Bruce Springsteen, “Atlantic City” first showed up on his 1982 album Nebraska, but has since been covered by just about anybody that’s ever picked up a guitar. The Band’s version is extremely well known, and it has also been done by Riley Green as well, but if you stumble into any live music bar in the country, you’re bound to hear it eventually.

Recently, for his Cantina Sessions, Ryan Bingham took a run at the song, adding some harmonica and slowing down the overall pace of the tune for a fresh take on the classic. Ryan has been covering it at the live show for a while now, but there’s just something about the stripped down, solo version with that harmonic that just kicks ass.

“Thought I’d play a song for my friends on the East Coast today.”

Here’s to the Boss.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock