Randy Travis Made A Special Appearance At The Josh Abbott Band Show Last Night

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If you were at the Josh Abbott Band show at the legendary Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth, Texas last night you were in for a real treat.

Not only were you able to see a great Texas country act in that of Josh Abbot Band, but you were treated to an appearance from the legend Randy TravisYou’re also probably lucky to be a show in general, but that’s another story…

Randy Travis made an appearance on stage with Josh Abbott serenading the crowd (and Travis) to Travis’ 1987 hit single, “Forever And Ever, Amen”.

Unfortunately, back in 2013, Randy Travis suffered a debilitating stroke that nearly took his life.

Slowly, he had to work his speaking voice and then singing voice back. During his 60th birthday celebration at the Grand Ole Opry, he took the stage and delivered the final “Amen” in 2019.

He also recently stepped into the vocal booth for the first time since 2013, recording a final “Amen” for a Josh Turner cover of the song.

How great is it to see Randy back out there? Of course, it’s tough to see him in a wheelchair, but he looks to be in great spirits, and was clearly excited to be on stage with Josh singing his song.

His public appearances are fairly rare these days, but younger artists like Josh (and Josh Turner for that matter) continue to show him the love he deserves as one of the legendary artists in the genre. Kudos to the band and Billy Bob’s for making it happen, and carrying on the legacy of great country music.

I’m sure it’s a moment those lucky enough to be in the crowd won’t forget.

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