You Can Rent Kevin Costner (AKA John Dutton’s) Breathtaking Rocky Mountain Ranch

Want to live like John Dutton?

John Dutton, the patriarch of Yellowstone’s Dutton family is played by the great Kevin Costner. Known for his roles in Bull Durham, Tin Cup, The Highwaymen, JFK, Dances With Wolves, and many more. His resume is long and impressive, and he also has a badass country rock band, Kevin Costner & Modern West.

But if you think he’s living it up in Hollywood every day of the year, guess again. In fact, in his free time, he lives a life much closer to John Dutton, nestled on a beautiful 160-acre spread in the Rocky Mountains.

“It’s just beautiful, with three lakes and a river running through it. My whole family spends some of our best times there.”

And when he’s not around… it’s for RENT.

Sure, you’re gonna need a whole bunch of rich friends, but the stunning Aspen, Colorado, ranch comfortably sleeps over 30 people in three separate houses, and features three lakes, a river, baseball field, paddle boarding, kayaking, skiing, hiking, and pretty much everything you could ever want. Not to mention some of the most breathtaking views this country has to offer.

At $30,000 a night, it’ll run you a pretty penny, but hey, if you got the means (and like a TON of friends) go for it.

I mean, look at this place.

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Coldwell Banker

And of course, you can also rent a cabin on the real life Dutton Ranch in Darby, Montana, but with them filming so much over the past couple years, and perhaps the next couple… rentals might be hard to come by.

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