Mike Tyson Casually Tells Logan Paul That Floyd Mayweather Is Going To “Beat His F*cking A**”

Iron Mike.

Heavyweight champion, Hall of Famer, one of the baddest mf’ers to ever walk the Earth… he knows a thing or two about boxing. And he knows that YouTube star Logan Paul is going to get his ass beat into the ground by Floyd Mayweather next month.

Mike recently stopped by Paul’s podcast and Paul asked him straight up if he thought he could lad a big punch on Floyd and Mike calmly explained:

“Floyd is gonna beat his fucking ass.”

Mike went to say that Floyd is one of the best ever and it’s his obsessive amount of gym time that makes him that way. We all have bad habits, vices, things that distract us… for Floyd, it’s working in the gym. That’s his drug, that’s why he’s the best.

To be honest, I haven’t watched much boxing lately… I think the last fight I really watched was McGregor/Mayweather and before that maybe Mayweather/Pacquiao in 2015, but there is something about watching these YouTubers get their ass kicked in exhibitions that has peaked my interest.

Of course, Logan’s brother Jake recently called out Conor McGregor, and while it doesn’t look like that’ll ever happen, I can only imagine Mike would have the same thoughts.

2021 man, things are just weird…

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