Cancer-Free Packers Fan Shotguns A Busch Light In The Hospital After Ringing The Bell

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I despise the Packers with a fiery passion. Watching Aaron Rodgers torch the Bears up and down the field, year after year, and Brett Favre before that… I hate them with every fiber of my being.

But this… this is downright awesome.

According to CBS 58 Wisconsin, Rhinelander’s own Tyler Blomdahl was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in June 2020. After 12 brutal rounds of chemotherapy, he was finally deemed cancer-free.

When you beat cancer, it’s customary to ring the bell in the hospital. In fact, if you ever feel like bawling your eyes out for a good hour, just search for some bell-ringing videos on YouTube. You want to talk about putting everything in perspective? That’ll do it.

But when Tyler emerged from his final round, donning that white #12 jersey, and an ice cold Busch Light, you just new this was gonna be special.

Tyler tells CBS that he wanted to send an encouraging message to those that might need one right now, especially in times like these.

“The light may be dim, but it’s there at the end. The lows might be low, but the highs will always be higher.”

What a stud, best of luck to you Tyler. Now excuse me while I go have a good cry into a bowl cheese dip and drink a Busch Light.

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A beer bottle on a dock