Tim McGraw Reacts To Capitol Riots: “A Terribly Sad Day For America… For Leadership”

Tim McGraw wearing a hat

In case you haven’t flipped on the news recently, it’s getting pretty hairy out there.

Rioters have breached and occupied the Capitol Building as Congress was in the process of voting to certify the election results. And I don’t care who you voted for, or whether you like the result or not, this is a pretty ugly scene in Washington DC right now.

We’ve seen extremism on both sides of the aisle this year, but it’s pretty unfortunate that this is what it has come to… to say the very least.

Tim McGraw took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter, calling it a “terribly sad day” for both America and our leadership.

Tim is gearing up to release a song with Tyler Hubbard called “Undivided,” and while it always sounds pretty damn corny when a bunch of millionaires get together to sing some feel-good song about getting along, it’s hard to argue with the message right about now.

This country is as divided as it gets…

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