Texas Woman Clings To Hood Of Speeding Car As Thieves Try To Flee With Her $10,000 Bulldog

Not on my watch…

A Houston woman is being hailed a hero (and kind of a lunatic) after she jumped on the hood of the thieves’ car.

Alize James, employee of Bully Camp, said a couple came to the store looking to buy a $10,000 bulldog, but when she went upstairs to get paperwork, the couple tried to flee with the expensive dog.

She ran after them, saying the dog just had surgery and she was worried about its safety.

“My mind is focused on her health, I obviously didn’t care about my wellbeing.”

Standing in front of the getaway car, James was struck by the vehicle, launching her on to the hood where she held on for nearly 10 minutes before the car came to a stop. And when it did finally stop, the man got out, dragged James off the car, smacked her around and drove away with the dog.

A woman has been arrested, but the man has yet to identified.

When asked if she would do it again, James, who emerged from this whole debacle with only some minor bumps and bruises, said she has no regrets, but she would not chase after them again.

Props to Alize for running these fools down, holding on for dear life, and taking a quick beating afterwards, all to come up short and let them get away with the dog anyways. Can’t even imagine how deflating that must be.

But also, why the hell isn’t there better security at place with $10,000 dogs? I mean, I didn’t even know dogs ran that high, but good God, if you have high-value merchandise, invest in some high-value security, amiright? We can’t count on Alize to jump on the hood of the car every time somebody tries to snatch up a dog.

Hopefully they catch the other clown and recover the dog.

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