Walmart Apologizes To Morgan Wallen After Leaking His New Album Early

A man sitting in a chair outside a store

Walmart speaks.

It looks like Walmart has owned up to fumbling the ball on their early Morgan Wallen release.

Long story short: Morgan Wallen’s upcoming double album, Dangerous, was on store shelves about a week before the schedule release date. We found examples in West Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Missouri.

Morgan took matters into his own hands, calling out Walmart and then leaking clips of the album himself.

However, according to Rolling Stone, Walmart has since issued an apology to Morgan:

“We are deeply apologetic to Morgan for this unfortunate situation. We appreciate Morgan as an artist and understand his frustration and disappointment.

We have protocols in place to help ensure new albums are not sold before the release date, yet in this instance his album made its way to the shelf in a handful of stores early. We’re actively removing any albums remaining on the shelves in those stores to hold until the official release date, and taking additional precautionary measures for the future.”

Walmart says the leak was only in about 10 of their 4,000 stores nationwide.

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