Kick Off The New Year With Matthew McConaughey’s Inspiring “13 Truths” Speech

Bob Levey/Getty Images

New year, new you?

While I usually don’t subscribe to New Year’s resolutions and generic self-help material, you can always stand to learn a thing or two about being a better person.

Enter Matthew McConaughey.

Normally I couldn’t care less what anybody in Hollywood says, and judging by the reaction to Ricky Gervais’ 2020 Golden Globes speech (one year ago today, by the way), most people feel the same way.

But McConaughey is different. Sure he has millions of dollars, but still remains as genuine as they come. Since the beginning of this pandemic, he’s delivered countless encouraging pep-talks, cautionary messages urging people to stay indoors, recapping his own movies… he even hosted a virtual bingo game for a local senior center. Time and time again, he’s done his part to bring everybody together during this incredibly divided time.

But back in 2015, as the commencement speaker for the University of Houston, McConaughey shared his wisdom to over 4,000 students with an easy to digest “13 Truths” speech.

“Now, they may be truth to me, but don’t think that that makes them mine because you cannot own the truth. So please think of these as signposts, approaches paradigms, that give some science to satisfaction.

They’re yours to steal, they’re yours to share, liken to your own lives, to personally apply in your own lives in your own way should you choose to. So here we go.” 

Take notes people.

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