These Banned Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials Are Wild, And Would Never Have A Chance Today

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The NFL Playoffs kick off this upcoming weekend.

And as we sit back and prepare for the games to be played, one thing is for certain – the Super Bowl commercials this year will be very different compared to years prior. Why you ask? Well, COVID has changed the world, and many big budget brands, such as Budweiser, will likely zero in on the new “normal” we’ve experienced the last year or so.

We’ll have to wait and see, but I expect some pretty creative approaches for the big game on February 7.

As I looked back through the last 10+ years of Super Bowl beer commercials, I ended up discovering tons of “banned” Bud Light commercials that never made it to TV.

Most of these would never have a shot in hell of making it beyond the cutting-room floor these days, but we can look back and have a good laugh at least.

2010 – Bud Light – “Clothing Drive”

2009 – Bud Light Lime – “In The Can”

2007 – Bud Light – “Apology Bot”

2006 – Bud Light – “Bottle Opener”

2001 – Bud Light – “Skinny Dipping”

(some reports said this was banned in 2007, but it appears it actually did air back in 2001)

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock