Nashville Base Jumpers Leap From Rooftop Bar Of Grand Hyatt In Front Of Perplexed Guests

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Can a guy just enjoy his drink in peace and quiet?

Not even a full day through 2021, you’re trying to enjoy a cocktail or 7, when you notice a couple dudes with parachutes, helmets, and a GoPro walk up to the ledge of a rooftop bar at Nashville‘s Grand Hyatt hotel, and jump.

The video was shared by Amanda Bagley on Twitter.

When asked who the guys were, she said, “No idea. Apparently they were staying at the hotel…they just marched up and did it. It’s my first time going out since the bombing so I’m just more vigilant than normal, noticed the helmet with the go pro, the harness, then the parachute and started filming.”

According to WSMV, a police officer at the hotel said one of the jumpers had been arrested. One other guy on Twitter said one of the guy’s broke his leg, but that has not been confirmed.

Here’s the jump. Had to pull that cord QUICK.

2021, huh.

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