Matthew McConaughey Kicks Off 2021 With Encouraging Message For The New Year

Matthew McConaughey wearing a hat

Now that 2020 is in the rearview mirror, I think we can look back and say that Matthew McConaughey was one of the MVPs of the year.

Of course that honor goes to the doctors, nurses, scientists and first responders on the front lines of this mess (that we’re still nowhere close to being out of by the way) but after them comes the folks that used their positions of influence to inform and encourage the rest of us. A light in the darkness.

And for me, one of those people was Matthew McConaughey.

Most of the time when celebrities get on their soapbox, you can’t wait to tell them to shut the hell up. But with Matt it’s different. It’s inspiring and believable.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, he’s delivered encouraging pep-talks, cautionary messages urging people to stay indoors, recapping his own movies… he even hosted a virtual bingo game for a local senior center. Time and time again, he’s done his part to bring everybody together during this incredibly divided time.

And now, he’s back at it with a quick message for 2021. One we all need to hear:

“It’s on you, it’s on me.”

McConaughey for President.

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