Hot Mic Catches Reporter Making Fun Of Trevor Lawrence’s Stache Right After He Got Stomped By Ohio State

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Trevor Lawrence is pretty much guaranteed to be the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, he’s about to get himself a big fat check… but he had himself one hell of an awful start to the new year.

After Coach Dabo Swinney put Ohio State at #11 in his coaches poll rankings, the Buckeyes came out and put a hurting on Lawrence and the Clemson Tigers, to the tune of 49-28.

It was brutal…

But for Lawrence, it gets worse.

In the postgame press conference, a reporter (who thinks she’s on mute) calls out Lawrence’s mustache in front of the entire world.

“Poor Trevor, needs to shave his stache.”


Talk about kicking a man while he’s down. And by the way, it’s 2021… no excuses for not having the Zoom on mute anymore.

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