Brad Paisley Gifts New Guitar To Nashville Musician That Lost His In The Bombing

It’s been a little over a week since the Nashville bombing on Christmas day.

Thankfully, only a few people were injured in the blast, but the physical damage is devastating. Over 40 buildings were damaged, homes and  businesses destroyed, and for one musician, his livelihood was damaged in the blast as well.

Buck McCoy lives in an apartment on 2nd Avenue, and his apartment was in ruins after the blast. You may even remember the footage he shared of the devastating aftermath right after the explosion.

And unfortunately for McCoy, one of the casualties of the blast was his guitar.

But thanks to Brad Paisley, Buck now has a brand new one.

“I went to my Instagram; and there was a message; and I was like, this must be some kind of prank. You know, one of my funny buddies saying ‘let’s cheer Buck up’. No, it was actually him, and he wanted to talk to me; and he said I want to hook you up with a guitar so you can get back to work and make a living.” 

Paisley also offered McCoy unlimited groceries at “The Store,” a non-profit grocery store owned by Paisley which works to provide free food to those in need.

Stay classy Brad.

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