Small Towns, Big Side Chick Drama: Guy’s Pickup Truck Destroyed and Spray Painted With Details After He Cheats

Small town, big drama.

BIG side chick drama, to be precise. Photos surfaced online from Texas with not much of a backstory, but luckily for us, this guy’s wife explains the entire ordeal with spray paint on his pickup truck.

Based on the spray-painted truck, here’s what we know.

– He drives a GMC

– A husband cheated on his wife with (name left out here, but she let everyone in town know)

– The husband got “his side chick pregnant”

– The husband “uses cocaine” (look on the hood)..CLASSIC.

The wife also did some nice window smashing, as you can see.

This ol’ boy messed up real good.

Turn up the “God Blessed Texas.”

Also, this of course…