Eric Church On Touring Next Year: “Higher Likelihood We’ll Be On Stage Somewhere In The Fall”

Eric Church holding a guitar and singing
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In a year when virtually nothing has been consistent, Eric Church remains steady as a rock.

If you remember back to April, right when this Coronavirus mess really took a turn for the worse, it was Eric Church that said he likely wouldn’t be on stage until late summer/fall of 2021. Other artists were rescheduling shows for the summer of this year, 25 different festivals were trying to all squeeze into October, but Eric said it was gonna be a long, long time before he got on stage again.

“For me, I think it’s summer or fall of ’21. I am going on the promise of a vaccine. I’m going on the possibility of a therapeutic that could change the game.”

And it looks like he’s sticking to that.

In a recent press release, Eric detailed what he was looking forward to most next year, and

“I think, for me, the thing I’m looking forward to most next year is getting around the corner from this virus and getting some kind of normalcy.

I’m confident that next year is when we’ll finally put this in the rearview at some point in time. We’re all looking for a vaccine early in the year and the more we can take the cases down between January and May, I think the higher likelihood that we’ll be on a stage somewhere in the fall, late summer/fall, and then certainly into the fourth quarter. So, I’m looking forward to that.

I know there may be some early stuff where we can’t be at capacity. I get that, but I’m looking forward to being back at capacity and being, seeing people grouped up and arms around each other’s shoulders and just, I miss that. I miss playing. I miss the camaraderie. I miss going town-to-town and doing that. It’s just what I was born to do, and I miss seeing the fans. Next year, we’re all hopeful, I’m hopeful and quite confident, actually, that next year will be the year that we get to start doing that and then hopefully more and more as we go. That’s what I’m looking forward to.”


Honestly, that always seemed like the most likely scenario, but hell if it doesn’t feel like it’s a million years away…

I’m jonesin’ over here Eric, I’m jonesin’…

Cue the “Through My Ray-Bans”

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