Whiskey Riff’s Top Albums Of 2020 Playlist Is Nearly 10 Hours Of Country Music Greatness

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As promised…

Every year, when we get around to drafting our Albums of the Year list, we always like to include a playlist to go with it. After all, what good is a list if you don’t have the music to go with it, right?

So this year, we kept it really simple. We took our Top 25 Albums of 2020 list and selected four songs from each album. And then we took our short list of 2020 albums (everything we considered when narrowing it down to 25), and picked two songs from each of those. That also means no live albums (sorry Cody Jinks), no EPs and no deluxe albums.

The end result? 160 of the best that country music had to offer in 2020.

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