Girlfriend Warned Police That Anthony Warner Was Making An RV Bomb In 2019

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Well, this is an interesting turn of events.

According to documents obtained by the WKRN, policer were alerted last year that Anthony Quinn Warner, the alleged perpetrator Nashville RV bombing, was making a bomb in his RV.

How? His ex-girlfriend.

According to an incident report, police were called to the home of Warner’s girlfriend, Pamela Perry, in August of 2019. Perry was reportedly suicidal and in possession of two (unloaded) firearms, which she claimed belonged to Warner. However, she wanted Warner to leave and feared for he safety. When police arrived, they were able to take her in for mental evaluation without further incident.

But when she was taken in, she made a statement to police that Warner was building a bomb in his RV, that he was obsessed with the military, and that he was more capable of making an explosive.

Police, along with the bomb squad, went to Warner’s house to investigate the claim, however he never answered the door. According to the report, superiors and the FBI were notified, and when they contacted his lawyer (who refutes this claim) to search the RV, they were denied access. Since no indication of a crime was present, the matter was dropped. The FBI also confirmed that Warner was never in the military.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation previously stated that Warner was “not on their radar” prior to the Christmas Day explosion.

The plot thickens…

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