Dudes In West Virginia Nearly Take Out House & Boat After Shooting Fridge Loaded With Tannerite

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Fellas got lucky here.

You have a couple 12 beers with the boys out in West Virginia, and then someone gets the brilliant idea…let’s blow the shit out of that old fridge.

Steps: Fill fridge with tannerite, and shoot it.

Only problem is, you might destroy your house or boat.

Luckily, they just missed taking out a wall or person here.

More from the guys:

“It all started at my friend Luke’s parent’s house in Scott Depot. We bought 4 lbs of tannerite and pondered on what to do with it. We had an old broken refrigerator and decided to put the 4 lbs of tannerite inside the fridge and also fill the fridge with about a gallon of gasoline, then I shot the fridge. When the tannerite exploded the fridge door began to fly toward us. It landed right in between my buddy’s parents house and their boat. We all went crazy and immediately realized how lucky we were that it didn’t hit anything or anyone.”

These seem like fun guys to drink beer with.

Here comes the boom.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock