Details Emerge On Nashville Bomber’s Past: “He Was Kind Of A Hippie, A Smart, Cocky Guy… Hated Cops”

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Another report has emerged regarding the past of Nashville Christmas Day bomber, Anthony Quinn Warner.

According to the Daily Beast, Tom Lundborg worked with Warner in the late ’70s installing and repairing alarm systems.

“I worked with Tony as his helper. I kind of looked up to him. He was kind of a hippie. Had long hair, a Magnum, P.I. mustache. He was a smart, cocky kind of guy. I rode around with him all day every day—during the summers, at least for a couple years.”

Lundborg claims that Warner didn’t like authority, was an avid weed smoker (who wasn’t in the ’70s?), and didn’t like cops. Any time Warner and Lundborg would see a cop, Warner, would break out into a cop-hating rant.

“I hate cops. They’re all corrupt… Never trust a cop.”

Apparently, according to Lundborg, he was also quite the ladies man.

“He was a little guy, the silent type, but nice-looking to girls. My dad would go to dive bars with him. He was popular with the females in there, you could just tell. He didn’t flirt a lot, but you could tell they liked him.”

So we got a pot-smoking, cop-hating, anti-authority, ladies man hippie (sounds like plenty of dudes in the ’70s), who was skilled in handling explosives, alarm systems, and computers (probably not as common). Allegedly of course…

Ultimately, we still don’t have a motive for why Warner decided to load up an RV with explosives, detonate it with himself inside outside of an AT&T telecoms building on Christmas morning while playing a warning message to stay away. And maybe we never will… Of course the conspiracy theories will continue to fly, but it’s clear at this point that while the blast was intentional, harming a large group of people was not the goal.

Stay tuned…

Police recently released body cam footage of the explosion.

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