Deer Hunter Accidentally Obliterates Rabbit With A Poorly-Aimed Rifle Shot


Miss once, bad aim. Miss twice, checks rifle scope… dammit.

According to this South Texas hunter, his son dropped his rifle, which threw the scope outta whack. And unfortunately for this poor rabbit, it threw the scope off just enough to put himself in the path of the 7mm Magnum round.

There wasn’t much left of him after that…

“To make a long story short, my son dropped my rifle one week before this hunt and did not tell me it was dropped, after making two repetitive shots with custom loads, I knew it was not me.

Fifteen minutes later, buck came back out and I had a chance to get my other gun from my truck and harvest him, however I did not film the fatal shot, but I have pictures. Please notice innocent bystander (rabbit) on the first shot. I was shooting a 7mm Magnum.

Sounds like it all worked out in the end (well, not for the rabbit), but this is why you double check your scopes people…

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