VIDEO: Go Inside Country Music Legend George Jones’ Tour Bus

It’s no secret that George Jones was one of the baddest dudes in country music.

Among the number one hits and sold out shows, he had a wild streak. He was as known for some of his off-stage antics, as he was for his hits. One time, he even demanded to headline for Buck Owens, and when Buck said “no,” he went out and opened the show with Buck’s entire setlist. And of course, the infamous lawn mower story… yep ol’ Possum was one of a kind.

As one legend goes, he shot holes in his tour bus with a gun to “ventilate” it this one time. He literally shot the floors, walls and ceilings with a gun to encourage air flow and cool the bus down.

And while he may have been a wildcat in his younger days, there’s an old video from back in 2004 where he shows off his current tour bus. Joined by his wife Nancy, their back-and-forth banter about things such as the necessity of having a built-in washer and dryer is too good:

“…the only reason George doesn’t like it is ‘cuz he doesn’t wash and I do, so yes, I love the washer and dryer… don’t pay him no mind”

“I love monkeys, so we have monkeys on here,” she says and George confirms, replying “That’s why she married me… is what you told me”.

They’re honestly relationship goals.

At the end, George remarks that he didn’t used to travel that way when he first started out. The bus shown in the video is absolutely beautiful, and the country music icon obviously earned it.

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