Neighbor On Nashville Bomber Anthony Warner: “He Was Kind Of A Hermit”


Authorities have finally released a photo of the Nashville bomber, 63 year old Anthony Quinn Warner.

Warner detonated an RV bomb in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, injuring three people and damaging over 40 buildings. The RV played a warning message, along with Petula Clark’s “Downtown” prior to the blast.

Authorities have confirmed through DNA testing that Warner was killed in the explosion, however have yet to determine a motive for the suicide bombing.

According to BBC, Warner lived in Antioch, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. Neighbors recalled seeing the RV parked on his property for some time, however a few prior to the blast, he drove it into his yard which was recently fenced off.

He had worked in electronics and alarm systems, and as a freelance computer technician with an estate agency. However, he abruptly quit his job this month after 4 years with the company. His former employer, estate agent Steve Fridrich, called the move “out of character.”

His neighbors also described him as “odd” and kind of a “hermit.”

Steve Schmoldt, who lived next door to Warner for over twenty years, described him as “friendly,” “low key,” and “a little odd.”

“You never saw anyone come and go. As far as we knew, he was kind of a computer geek that worked at home. He never had any yard signs or flags in his window or anything like that.

He’s lived there a long time and he sort of kept to himself. All we knew him by was Tony. He was kind of a hermit.”

Warner also had experience with explosives.

More photos of the damage have emerged… it’s brutal.

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