Harrowing Body Cam Footage Shows Nashville Police Evacuating Residents When Bomb Goes Off


Body cam footage from the Nashville RV bomb has finally been released, and as expected it’s pretty intense.

From Officer Sipos’ body cam, the footage picks up around 6:15 a.m. with a group of Nashville officers asking someone to evacuate from outside Dick’s Last Resort.

We then see Sipos and another officer walking up Second Avenue, right past the RV as it blares its warning message. As he walks by the RV, you can hear Officer Sipos say:

“That’s so weird… that’s like some shit out of a movie.”

A few minutes later, Sipos makes it to the trunk of his squad car to suit up when the bomb detonates. Chaos ensures as Officer Sipos runs back to Second Avenue, terrified and confused residents are seen running up the street trying to flee the blast area.

Law enforcement officials have deemed 63-year-old Anthony Warner responsible for the explosion. DNA evidence confirmed he died in the explosion as well. However, a motive has yet to be determined.

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