Chris Stapleton, Jesse Wells & More Perform Tony Rice’s “More Pretty Girls Than One” Way Back In 1999

Jesse Wells

Talk about a throwback.

The tributes to bluegrass legend Tony Rice began pouring in after he passed away on Christmas Day, 2020.

But this video (well, it’s only audio) was posted to the YouTubes by “The Professor” Jesse Wells, fiddle and guitar player for Tyler Childers.

The performance features Wells alongside his former roommate, a guy named Chris Stapleton (ever heard of him?), along with JT Cure and BJ Swank, singing the Tony Rice and Ricky Skaggs hit “There’s More Pretty Girls Than One” way back in 1999.

According to Wells:

“I sure have enjoyed reminiscing Tony Rice’s memory and legacy with so many friends and the impact he continues to have.

An old buddy reminded me of a time long ago when my roommate Chris and I tried our best to sound like Skaggs and Rice. Tony was a virtuoso guitarist but he also had one of the most powerful and recognizable voices in all music.

Our favorite number to play was ‘More Pretty Girls Than One’. We encouraged each other to pick and sing. I would persuade him to flatpick the guitar at the beginning and he’d convince me to sing melody on the chorus, no matter how reluctant we both were.

Thanks for sharing these Steve Rigsby. And we can all be thankful Chris found the perfect singing and life partner in Morgane.”

Oh, and check out that beardless Chris Stapleton in the pic.

Still catches me off guard every time I see it.

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